All sandwiches are served with a kosher dill spear and your choice of side:
Potato Salad, Cottage Cheese, French Fries, House-Made Jalapeno Cole Slaw or Kettle Chips. Try our Sweet Potato Fries for an additional $1.00.
French Dip

Thinly sliced roast beef piled on an Italian roll with mozzarella cheese and baked in the oven. Served with Au Jus. Horseradish sauce on request.

Triple Decker BLT

Loaded with smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato and shredded cheddar cheese. Served on toasted whole wheat bread with Miracle Whip.


A triple decker of smoked ham, roast beef and sautéed red onions with cheddar and provolone cheeses. Grilled to perfection on sour dough. Served with a side of KC Masterpiece BBQ sauce.

Italian Sub

Smoked ham, Genoa salami, pepperoni, cheddar and provolone cheeses with banana peppers baked in an Italian roll. Served with lettuce, tomato and Italian dressing.

Turkey, Bacon & Avocado

Toasted whole wheat bread layered with sliced smoked turkey breast, smoked bacon, mayo, lettuce, tomato and avocado.

Apple Walnut Chicken Salad Wrap

Chicken breast, Granny Smith apples, walnuts, lettuce, celery and scallions in a brown sugar mayo. All wrapped in a fresh flour tortilla.


Sliced corned beef piled high on thick sliced, toasted marble rye with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and Thousand Island dressing.

Stone Canyon Club

A triple decker of toasted sour dough layered with cheddar, provolone, sliced turkey breast, sliced ham, smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato and Miracle Whip.

Meatball Grinder

Baked in a hoagie with Italian meatballs, red onions, fresh red peppers, green peppers and provolone cheese with our marinara sauce.